Hotel Commercials that Break the Mold

October 16, 2017

Hotel Commercials that Break the Mold

According to recent research, 87% of us are influenced by social media in choice of hotel. Unfortunately, the hotel industry appears to be the last to realise this, with most destinations seriously falling behind when it comes to using online video.

With Salthouse Harbour, we made it our mission to change all that.

We’re not a run-of-the-mill hotel, so we don’t want a run-of-the-mill video.

Salthouse Harbour has an idiosyncratic style with unique decor and quirky artwork. It’s boutique interior makes a fascinating contrast to its relatively staid waterfront exterior.

Finding the romance

Online video can be an especially powerful tools for hotels, as customers want to see what the place looks like before they book.
Salthouse Harbour asked us to create a series of emotionally evocative videos that would leave the viewer thinking  ‘I want to go there!’

We delivered emotion by incorporating the location into our shots in unusual ways, so that an aerial shot of the mariner in front of the hotel shows its water pouring into the sleek copper bath in the penthouse suite, for example.

Teasing the emotion

By aiming for a cinematic aesthetic (rather than a flat portrait of the hotel), we created films that awakened curiosity, without revealing the full picture. It means that the viewer sees a reflection in the water rather than a complete exterior. Parts of rooms are revealed in a way that picks out the elements which evoke the senses.

The three films all had a great response online and from the client.

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