How We Made Remote Working, Work

April 7, 2020

How We Made Remote Working, Work

Once upon a time, working from home may have been looked down on, but in the past few weeks companies across the world have had to change their mindset, fast. Thankfully, technology has made it easier than ever before for us to make working from home, work…


A New Way of Working

Like us, you may have thought, “How can we make this work?”, or “What’s the best way to have meetings?”. As we already use Scoro, (online business management software) it was easy for everyone to get online and access information about projects from their home, but how were we going to have meetings or have those impromptu chats? Using video chat software such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams has been the biggest game changer for us. Not only does this allow us to actually see each other (and our colleagues’ pets), but it means we can maintain regular meetings and, therefore, some sense of normality as we navigate this new way of working. We still have a Monday morning meeting, we’re just sat on our sofas, in the kitchen or in our make-shift home office. If you’ve not tried Zoom or Microsoft Teams, here’s a quick run-down of both.

As we use the Microsoft 365 Office Suite, Teams was the initial obvious choice for us. It enables video calls, access to your calendar, an activity feed and even access to OneDrive file storage all from within the app on mobile and desktop. However, after testing it out in the office, we found we didn’t need the extra functionality such as group messaging. With an already established group chat set up in WhatsApp (more on that next), the extras just made it that little too involved to use for us.

We admit, we’d never heard of Zoom until hearing about it on the news, for the right reasons. Zoom was enabling friends and families of all generations to keep in touch whilst staying in their own home. After another quick test in the office, we knew Zoom was the video chat option for us; intuitive to use, available in mobile and desktop, free (for up to 100 participants and chats under 40 mins) and simple to get up and running. Minimal bells and whistles and does what it says on the tin, perfect.


Chit Chat

The usual office banter doesn’t need to stop just because you’re not all in the office! Keeping that ‘team’ feeling alive is so important, not only for our mental health and knowing you’re not on your own, but to be able to pick up where you left off when you’re all back in the office is so important.

With 1.6 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app there is, and it’s not hard to see why. With the ability to create ‘group chats’ everyone can get involved and stay in touch in a way that isn’t always about work. With the days of Snake and a character limit on your texts far behind us, why send a ‘happy birthday’ text when you can send a DJing cat gif? There really is no choice, is there?

Available for free on Apple and Android, if you haven’t already got a work group chat set up, what are you waiting for? Go, go, go!


A New Routine

We’ve found that maintaining a schedule of regular meetings, still planning work for the week ahead and regular catch-up chats have all made the transition into remote working that little bit easier. Establishing a new routine, individually as well as a team, is crucial if remote working is going to be as successful as it can be. If we would have had a meeting about something in the office, we still have that meeting, it’s just using Zoom. Simple.


Keepin’ it Real

If you know Bruizer, you’ll know we’re a pretty relaxed company. Just because we have to work from home doesn’t mean our personalities are suddenly going to change, nor should they! Now more than ever, it’s important to maintain a sense of humour, friendliness and a general relaxed atmosphere. So when our colleagues’ partners happen to walk in during a Zoom meeting or a cat jumps into view, we say hello! And if we happen to be in our pj’s whilst working, then so be it! Maintaining that chilled out feeling has been another key area that has kept us sane in this new remote working world.


Like many businesses, we’ve made remote working work for us. With a few small tweaks made along the way, we’re proud to say it’s ‘business as usual’ for the Bruizer Team!