April 24, 2015


Introducing one of the latest additions to our kit room of technical wonders: our new 360 degree camera rig. Consisting of one very complex rig, the latest GoPro Hero cameras, an extendable rigging pole, and a remote control to operate each camera simultaneously, it’s an impressive piece of kit. What with YouTube’s recent feature which now supports 360 degree video production, it seemed like the perfect moment to start sharing some of our own 360 work.

We strapped the rig to the top of one of the Bruizer Land Rovers, and headed over to one of our favourite shooting locations, the Port of Felixstowe. There, we took a tour of the huge expanse of docks, capturing the ships, containers and machinery from every angle, literally. We’ve filmed most areas of the Port in our time, but never before have we been able to shoot a full spherical interactive experience.

Whereas some 360 rigs use a few as three cameras, our new rig fixes seven GoPros in place, which simultaneously record their footage with a greater overlap between what’s captured by each lens than a rig with less cameras would. This permits some seriously enhanced quality to the footage when the state of the art specialist software stitches it into a single, clickable video.

Head over to out 360 Playlist on YouTube to see more of our virtual Port and other 360 footage – the feature’s only available on Google Chrome, or the YouTube App if you’ve got an Android phone, at the moment, so make sure you’re using one of those platforms whilst YouTube work on making it more widely available.