Ghoulishly Good Beer for Greene King

October 31, 2017

Ghoulishly Good Beer for Greene King

Did you step inside The Scare Inn?

If you were feeling brave, you may have seen our spooktastic video for Greene King’s limited edition Halloween bottle, Old Spooky Hen. With a quick turnaround time of only a couple of weeks from start to finish, the challenge was set to find the perfect pub, cast and props to create the ideal spooky pub. With references to classic horror films needing to be included for an online competition, a number of characters were written into the story and specific props were sourced. And yes, Shaun of the Dead is a classic horror film!

The Hare Inn, located in Long Melford, Suffolk was the setting for our Scare Inn filming. However, with not a cobweb or spirit (the supernatural kind anyway) in sight, we set about transforming the pub into the spooky one we needed. Fake cobweb spray, candles, dead flowers and a stuffed crow were all strategically placed to create the atmospheric feel required for a full advert, as well as some shorter, stand-alone teasers ads.

All footage was shot on our Alexa for superior quality. The Alexa in particular is great for videos such as these as it picks up on the finer details and creates an added depth to the footage captured. Sound was also recorded on the day for authentic, creepy noises such as the pub door creaking open. These sounds were key in creating the atmosphere we wanted The Scare Inn to have.

Take a look behind the scenes to find out just what we did to create The Scare Inn and how we got that bottle shaking!



Once we were done filming, it was time to head to the editing suite, where the real magic happens. First up, the stand-alone 12 second teasers were put together so Greene King could start sharing them and build up anticipation for the full length ad. Footage was edited and colour graded, tension building sound was added and finally, the spooky bottle eyes were animated for that finishing touch. Check out one of the teasers below:



These teasers allowed Greene King to share content across their social media channels and build a buzz before releasing the full length advert. A competition was also run alongside the main ad to name all the films referenced which created a third wave of engagement. Recent research suggests that video generates 1200% more shares that text and images combined. With that in mind, it was key that each video was engaging and captured the viewers attention, encouraging them to share it.

The videos are a perfect example of how film, sound and animation can all come together to create engaging and shareable content for social media.┬áThe full advert reached 150,000 people on Facebook with 2,300 people commenting, reacting and sharing. In total, The Scare Inn campaign reached a whopping 200,000 people on Facebook and was Old Speckled Hen’s best performing post of the year.

Now step inside The Scare Inn and watch the full length video… if you dare…


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