April 7, 2015

After shooting videos for bands Rad Orchestra and Grifter Kid and the Midnight Raiders, Bruizer’s been out and about filming and editing more music videos with Simon Blake of Blunt Pictures. We filmed with eclectic folk troop The Jar Family back in October, and the video for Duke Special’s new release ‘Nail on the Head’ from recent album Look Out Machines sees the veteran Irish songwriter return to his classic ‘vaudeville pastiche’, after flaunting a range of musical feathers in his cap over the last few years, including an adaptation of Brecht’s ‘Mother Courage and her Children’ and albums based on the photography of Stieglitz, Steichen and Strand on display at MOMA.

The Jar Family consists of five diverse individual songwriters and performers who found that together they work in surprisingly close harmony. So close that they moved down south together to a deserted farm in Cambridgeshire, and, whilst living in a motley array of old caravans, built the makeshift rehearsal space in which they crafted their unique sound. The lyrics of 1914 evoke the first world was soldiers who were able to enjoy a day of peace in the trenches on Christmas day of that year, but the video portrays the women and children they left behind hoping the next Christmas would bring their husbands and fathers safely home. The band and their music stand in for the missing men, giving the women a reason to dance and to hope.


As a more personal track than some of his previous work, the focus of the video for Duke Special’s ‘Nail on the Head’ is on the singer himself. He cuts a striking and glamorous figure, as the camera captures him performing through a series of picture frames or in a spooky half-light. Meanwhile an even more enigmatic glittery and feathered female character moves mysteriously around the setting, encountered in snippets and reflections. A lyrically poignant tune, Clash magazine, who premiered the video, said ‘Strikingly shot, there’s a gothic glamour running through the clip which perfectly matches the music.’ Duke’s new album, Look Out Machines, which includes the track ‘Nail on the Head’, will be released on April 6th.

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