Colour Grading Emotion

December 7, 2016

Colour Grading Emotion

Colour has the potential to elevate a good image to a great one, or turn a great image into one that’s unforgettable.

Colour is a massive part of how we perceive our reality and, as such, it can be used in video to evoke emotion or affect a mood. As a viewer, we  can see images on screen whose tone makes us feel calm, happy, disturbed, excited or full of love.

As filmmakers, we can manipulate these reactions in several different ways: by associating particular colours with certain characters or moods, through shifts in the colour scheme, or by using bursts of colour that jar or appear out of place.

Colour is an essential tool for storytelling.

Technically, it’s vital to ensure the colour balance is correct in any film. At Bruizer, we shoot all our footage ‘flat’, in other words, with very muted colours. This gives us greater flexibility when it comes to colour grading the finished video.

We colour grade as a standard part of our production process. It’s an art form in itself and one in which our editors are highly skilled.



Tailoring the colour to your brand

Colour grading can play a powerful role in communicating a brand colour scheme.

As such, it can be an important part of building your business’s image online.  Our skill is to colour-grade your footage in the way that best suits your brand and to apply it across all your video content, adding production value at every step.


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