November 9, 2016



Car Crazed Fool is a blogger with a self confessed, high octane car obsession. His collection of wheels is a large and eclectic one, featuring impressive cars from Mercedes and Porsche, not to mention several rare classic BMWs. It’s well known that at Bruizer we drive very little but Land Rovers (we are in Suffolk after all), but we can’t resist a good car shoot, so we’ve teamed up with our motor obsessed pal to profile some of his iconic automobiles on film.

First up is the BMW 2002 Turbo, of a 1973 vintage – naturally then, it’s nothing like the cars we see on the roads today, but neither is it what usually comes to mind when we think of ‘classic’ cars. as Car Crazed Fool points out in his blog post on the 2002 Turbo, is has ‘an almost boy racer image’ (the 70s version of, anyway!). But its silhouette and design are striking, it’s eye-catching out on the road and immediately grabs your attention on film. Car Crazed Fool’s unique taste is what’s so great about getting to film this collection.

As ever, Bentwaters Parks and its surrounding roads provided us with a great backdrop for the film, and it was shot on everything from the Arri Alexa down to the smallest cameras in our kit room. Previously we’ve used a C300 or FS7 on the DJI Ronin from the back of one of our Land Rovers for vehicle tracking shots like those in this film, but this time we tried out the DJI Osmo with a vehicle mount, a small but very effective piece of kit which suctions straight onto the exterior of the tracking vehicle, and has a inbuilt 4k camera perfectly stabilised by its tiny gimball. DJI are making some incredible advances in camera equipment at the moment, also making the Inspire drone which we sent up to capture a bird’s eye view of the 2002 Turbo on the road.

As we set about establishing a formula for the series, we didn’t want the films to simply serve as factual profiles of the car – alongside stunning images, we wanted to capture a bit of the character of both the blogger, and his wheels. So after shooting the car from every angle, we sat down to record the audio, finding out the more personal side of his relationship with the car – why he finds its design so compelling, the story of how he got hold of his rare find, and how he has continued to restore it to its original condition. it was important to allow the obvious affection for the car to come through, as he himself does in his blog post.

You can read Car Crazed Fool’s blogpost on the 2002 Turbo here, and watch our channels closely for the next instalment of Car Crazed Fool on film.