January 26, 2016

We don’t need much of an excuse to think about beer at Bruizer, but as we were putting the finishing touches to our latest film for our friends at Adnams, it got us thinking about, well, beer… again.

So we thought we’d put together our Bruizer ‘Top 5 Beer Ads’ of all time.

What would you make your top 5 beer ads? Maybe you can think about it over a pint… as long as it’s Adnams of course.

Carlton Draught – an ad from our Aussie mates of epic proportions, particularly great for its willingness to have a bit of laugh at its own expense.


John Smiths – The Yorkshire brewery has given us some real classics over the years which we’ve all enjoyed at one time or another, including this great concept.

Guiness – no top 5 mention of beer ads can be complete without a Guiness ad…problem is which one to choose! Impressive CGI makes this one a winner.


Stella Artois – Unmistakable Wes Anderson from its quirky look and incredible set, this collaboration between Anderson and Stella Artois gets our vote any day.


Budweiser – not known for great beer but hey, this made us laugh!

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