Bruizer Top 10: Valentine’s Films

February 14, 2020

Bruizer Top 10: Valentine’s Films

Whether you’re planning a cosy night in with your other half, or it’s just you, the sofa and a tub of ice cream, we’ve put together our top 10 romantic films to get you feeling all lovey dovey…


1. Pretty Woman

An ultimate classic in the romantic genre, Pretty Woman ticks all the right boxes. When suave Richard Gere, needs an escort to upcoming social events he hires the beautiful Julia Roberts to be the woman on his arm. Spoiler alert… in true romantic film style, they fall in love.

“It’s full of sass, hope, social challenges, love and humour” – Sarah, Bruizer Production Assistant 


2. Romeo + Juliet

Shakespeare’s classic tale gets a modern day setting in Baz Luhrmann’s telling of the timeless ‘star crossed lovers’ story. When Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes fall in love, they must keep their relationship hidden from their feuding families. Although set in a modern day city and having a modern soundtrack, the original dialogue is used creating a film full of contrast resulting in a feast for the eyes and ears!

“Looked fabulous and I really, really love all the music” – Ann, Bruizer Accounts


3. Lady and the Tramp

A high class lady meets and falls in love with a boy from the wrong side of the tracks. A classic romantic tale that is the premise for many rom-coms, but in Disney’s 1955 animation, it is actually 2 dogs who fall in love! Streetwise mutt, ‘Tramp’ meets uptown ‘Lady’ is this hand-drawn tale that oozes sophistication, romance and delightful dialogue that is sure to put a smile on your face!


4. Sleepless in Seattle

When a recently widowed man’s son calls a radio show to try and find him a new wife, a story about taking a chance on love begins. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan take the lead roles in this 1993 classic that is sure to warm the heart of anyone who watches!


5. The Proposal

If you’re after comedy and a good love story (and some eye candy) The Proposal is not to be missed! When pushy boss Sandra Bullock is under threat of deportation she hatches a scheme to force her assistant, Ryan Reynolds, into marrying her. After spending time together, they soon realise they actually enjoy each other’s company… obviously!


6.  Dirty Dancing

“Nobody puts Baby in a corner” need we say more? A true classic which if you haven’t seen it, go watch it right now!


7. Jerry Maguire

When sports agent Jerry, played by Tom Cruise, has a moral epiphany and gets fired from his agency, he takes one client with him and the one member of the team who believes in him, Renee Zellweger.  Giving us quotes such as “show me the money” and “you had me at hello”, this is a feel good film where you’re willing for Jerry to be a success, as well as a love story.

“Utter cheese, but genuinely a guilty pleasure” – Simon, Bruizer Editor


8. The Notebook

If you plan to watch The Notebook, be warned, you will cry! When Noah meets wealthy Allie at a carnival a true summer romance begins. But when Allie’s parents disapprove of the relationship due to Noah’s social class, they move away leaving the young couple heartbroken. Years later they meet again, but Allie is torn between her first love and her current beau. With a heartbreaking twist, The Notebook has became a film not to be missed in the romantic genre.

Every girl dreams of having her very own Noah! – Kate, Production Manager


9. Before Sunrise

When tourist Jesse and student Celine meet on a train, the decide to spend the day together exploring Vienna before Jesse flies back to the US. Exploring the city together, they get to know each other and start to fall in love. A realistic film that is both beautiful and memorable.


10. The 40-Year-Old Virgin

Steve Carell plays nerdy Andy, who’s never ‘done the deed’. After letting his secret slip during a poker game, his friends are on a mission to help Andy seal the deal! Both funny and heart warming, this is a rom-com that even someone who hates romantic films is the traditional sense is sure to enjoy watching!

“Funny and cringey at the same time” – Tim, Bruizer Director