Bruizer Top 10: Lockdown Apps

May 6, 2020

Bruizer Top 10: Lockdown Apps

So, the inevitable moment came and the UK has been put on lockdown. With many of us suddenly having a lot of time on our hands, what apps are out there to keep our mental, and physical, well-being a priority?  If you need to take a break from remote working, deep cleaning the house or watching a binge-worthy show, check out our top 10 lockdown apps…


1. Strava

We may be limited to 1 bout of exercise per day in the outside world, but why not track it? Whether you walked a little quicker, jogged a few meters further or cycled to a new part of where you live, track your journey with the Strava app. It can be extremely rewarding seeing progress each day! Whatever exercise you decide to undertake, remember to keep that 2 metre distance.


2. Google Expeditions

Holiday cancelled? Fed up of looking at the same four walls? Google have got you covered. This education app gives you the opportunity to explore the world in 360 from your phone. You can join a group tour or even guide one yourself! If you tap ‘Class’ you can see which tours are ready to go.

Nick, Bruizer Crew – “Perfect for travelling whilst in isolation!”


3. Words with Friends 2

An oldie but a goodie! Words with Friends is a word challenge game that you can play with your friends and family, whether you’re in the same house or across the world. Be warned, your competitive side will come out!


4. Heads Up!

If you’ve ever watched Ellen DeGeneres’ show, you may have seen this game being played. A simple, yet fun concept that involves you simply holding your phone above your head which has a word on it, such as a movie, and the other players has to describe what is on the ‘card’ for you to guess before the time runs out. As you play you can earn coins that unlock more categories and with 18 available, you can have hours of fun with the family!


5. Calm

Let’s be honest, we all need less stress in our lives and the creators of Calm have created an app to try and help. Calm is there to help with sleep, meditation and relaxation. When first opening the app you’re asked to select why you’ve downloaded it, this provides different techniques to help you. There’s music, sleep stories, meditations, breathing exercises and much more. Be warned, you only get a 7 day free trial before you have to purchase.


6. Duolingo

‘Combien de temps cela va-t-il durer?’ Any guesses? It means “How long will this last?” in French. We all say we want to learn something new, so why not use this time to learn a language? Duolingo is a great way to do this. With 30 languages to choose from, bitesize content and available for free, this really is the app to do the job. The real question is, will you stick at it?


7. House Party

Sarah, Bruizer’s Production Assistant gives her thoughts on House Party:
 “Looking at the app it seems slightly pre-teen esc. Then my hairdresser pops up and suddenly I’m playing Draw Something live on video with her. Then up pops her husband and we’re all playing. The concept is you add your friends, if you’re in the app you can join “house parties” but don’t worry you can also ‘lock’ rooms, so others can’t randomly join, like my hairdresser’s husband. It’s actually fun and a good way to stay connected.”


8. Candy Crush

Candy Crush took over everyone’s phone when it first arrived and it’s still here! With it’s everlasting games to keep you occupied, be warned, it’s addictive. The aim is to have 3-5 sweets in a line and then you earn points (5 giving you the maximum). Of course, it’s not as simple as that though as there is jelly to destroy, boxes to crack open and you can only do this by destroying rows of sweets, on a time limit! If you’re connected via Facebook you can also see how your friends are doing.


9. YouTube

Now you might think “YouTube, really?” but most people forget about the wealth of entertainment and self development YouTube possesses. You may have heard of Joe Wicks doing a daily 9am ‘P.E’ class aimed at children not at school or stars of Strictly Come Dancing getting viewers off the sofa and dancing, but it doesn’t stop there. Not only are there exercise classes, but baking, crafts, gaming… the list is endless. Let’s also not exclude the zillion cat gifs for entertainment gold!


10. Yummly

If you’re like some of us at Bruizer and have suddenly realised, you should have developed more hobbies beyond “going out to eat” then here is an app for you. Described as ‘your smart cooking sidekick’ Yummly asks you about allergens, foods you don’t like and then provides recipes just for you. Ingredients lists and methods are all included and some recipes even have guided videos to help even the most novice cooks!