October 6, 2016


So we thought we all had the best jobs here at Bruizer but then we met Fergus, the Head Brewer at Adnams!

Adnams, best known for its Suffolk beers, wanted some short and snappy films all about its new range of craft style beers in the Jack Brand range which taps into a long history of brewing together with the latest innovation and technology.

We filmed Fergus in our studio on a green screen so that we could incorporate some nifty motion graphics, branding, and some beautiful shots of the Adnams beer making process we had filmed previously for our ‘All About Adnams’ film.

All animation was done in house and to give the short clips an extra little punch, we also shot some beautiful close ups of the beer pouring, slowing things down to highlight that thirst quenching release of a great brewed beer.

The bold animation uses the existing brand colour schemes and designs, highlighting key messages about the complex flavours, educating existing drinkers and enticing new ones to try them out.

The short videos are a great example of how existing footage can be married with new footage and motion graphics to create a series of shorts which pack quite a punch – just like the beers!