February 25, 2016

Whilst at Bruizer, the Brit Awards may not be our idea of the best in UK music, we thought why not take a look at the music videos which made the nominations this year from a filmmaker’s perspective, following on from last night’s award ceremony. There was a bit of a theme in the way the videos from Sam Smith, Jessie J, and Ellie Goulding all combined their own original content with footage from the films their songs soundtrack, but for us it was the artists who generated their own themes who captured our attention. Here’s our take on a few of them:

Adele – Hello

Marking a big comeback for Adele, this video made a real impact, but though the singer took home the awards in four other categories, this wasn’t one of them. Surprising perhaps, as this video, soaked in a sepia-stained sense of memory and loss, is quintessential Adele. The monochrome palette not only gives the video a unique and immediately recognisable look, but also allows the beautiful play of light and shadow in the footage to really make a strong impression.


Ed Sheeran – Photograph

Another song and video which dwells on memory, this video is compiled entirely of old family footage of local boy Sheeran growing up, progressing from baby right through to teenage Ed busking with a guitar, giving us the sense that we are getting an insight into the ‘making of’ the musician. Completely stripped of the showbiz glitz and glamour of some of his previous videos, whilst it could come across as self-indulgent, this video is firstly too revealing and secondly much too cute!


Calvin Harris – How Deep is Your Love

This is ‘Photograph’ director Emil Nava’s second nomination, but it couldn’t be any more different – visually, it revels in that glitzy world of pool parties and club culture which so often forms the backdrop of high profile music videos. As she wakes in a strange hospital setting, a mysterious girl seems hpynotically drawn to it. The camera sticks to her like glue, and seen through her eyes, the garish colours and pounding beats seem seductive but also carry an unsettling sense of threat. Beautiful girls and Hollywood glamour with a twist.


One Direction – Drag Me Down

This offering from the boy band sees the four of them cavorting around the NASA Space Station in Houston, Texas in some of the tightest jeans ever seen, before swapping them for space suits as they strap into a spacecraft and take off. Space is always a topical theme, and last nights awards proved no exception, when everyone’s favourite astronaut Tim Peake brought Adele to tears by awarding her Global Success prize from the International Space Station. This video may have been last night’s winner, but for us the main merit of this video is the behind the scenes peek in permits us into one of NASA’s main space centres!


Naughty Boy – Running

Enlisting Beyoncé’s vocal talents may have sprinkled stardust on this tune, but for us it’s the video which would have got our vote last night. Incredibly, it’s all real footage – an amazing feat from two of the world’s best free divers, and talented underwater DOP Jacques Ballard. It was filmed in a unique channel of water off the coast of Tahiti, shallow enough to let enough sunlight in, yet still with the strong currents required by the free divers. Plunging this pursuit into the depths of the ocean gives it a deep sense of mystique and otherworldliness, not to mention creating absolutely stunning footage.

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