March 26, 2015

The Jimmy Choo brand was immortalised when Sex & the City’s Carrie wore their feather stiletto on the small screen back in 2000. Its celebrity confirmed, we were very excited to be asked to produce some training films for team members of one of the most high profile shoe designers worldwide.

So Bruizer’s video production headed down to the big city, where we first shot in the luxurious flagship store on Bond Street across four dazzling floors of shoes in all shapes and sizes, although mainly with four inch stiletto heels sticking out the bottom of them. Then we relocated around the corner to the men’s store on Dover Street, where the loafers and brogues were scarcely any less shiny, and in a strange role reversal, Kit Harrington wielded a Steadicam at us from the posters on the walls.


With our Canon C300 it wasn’t exactly hard to make the stores’ crystal chandeliers and zebra rugs look great on camera, then with some advice from the real life sales associates, we set up a range of situations with our actors showing a perfect sales approach vs an average one. 

With six scenarios to film in one day we had to keep to a tight schedule, but even with a location change, a mad dash across London to retrieve an undelivered costume, and a good while spent marvelling at the designer price tags, we just about got everything done.