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Film & Video Production

Bruizer are an award winning creative film and video production company based in the UK. What that really comes down to is: we love making films. But not just any old films. We’ve been on a mission since 2001 to make our films work harder and get bigger results for our clients.

Our Films

Our films grow businesses and transform brands. We know just how important video content is for your organisation, and we're full to bursting with the ideas and the know how needed to provide the visual goods. We collaborate as closely as possible with our clients, working in small teams on big challenges. So if you're looking for new ways to connect with your audiences, why not take a look around, and see how we can bring your project to life.

Our Approach

At Bruizer, every step of the process is handled by us in-house. We start by building a strategy to get the right message seen by the right people. Then we put our best creative minds into developing a concept to tell your story in a original and engaging way. Production is where we bring your project's creative vision to life with high quality kit and talented crews. Then once we've delivered your film, we work out how to get the best results from your film, making every frame count by working on how to make best use of online video, and running targeting marketing campaigns.

Our Work

Over the years, we've made promo films, corporate videos and TV commercials for organisations in every industry imaginable, helping our customers talk to their customers through engaging films and intelligent marketing strategies. We know that whatever your message, what works is content with a big impact - we want our films to stand out. That's why we won't compromise on quality or originality, those two values are at the heart of everything we create. Whether it's a viral video or a nationwide tv commercial, we guarantee that it will resonate with your audience. But don't just take our word for it, take a look at our work and you'll see that it speaks for itself.

Bruizer News

Art of the Title

Bruizer Night Manager Opening Titles

The final episode of The Night Manager hit our screens last Sunday, leaving us surprisingly satisfied with Pine’s bringing down of criminal mastermind Richard Roper, yet still hopeful for another series. But it hasn’t only been the storyline which has captured our attention – we’re looking right back to the start at the glossy opening titles with […]

Understanding 360 Video

Bruizer Little World 360 Video

At Bruizer, we get to the core of your requirements so we can advise you on the best possible solution for your needs and more importantly, what will engage your audience for maximum return. Below, we’re provided a quick guide to help you decide what it is you want of the many opportunities 360 film […]


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